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Plants That Repel Scorpions: Do They Work?

Picture of lavender in a field, one of the plants that repel scoprions

In Arizona, it isn’t unusual to see scorpions inside your home, but this doesn’t have to be commonplace! Scorpion Repel can prevent scorpions from crawling inside your home, but is there anything else that can keep scorpions from infesting your yard?

Check out this article to learn about plants that repel scorpions and what foliage works best for Arizona homes!

Plants that Repel Scorpions

Surprisingly, some of your favorite garden plants can keep bugs at bay. From marigolds to mint, these leafy herbs, vegetables, and flowers can improve the appearance of your yard and even eliminate pesky insects. 

Do these DIY tricks work for scorpions too? While scorpions are commonly classified as insects, these eight-legged pests are arachnids like spiders, ticks, and mites. The favored tricks that work for bugs may not eliminate these pests. 

Some homeowners swear by lavender plants or essential oils to deter scorpions from gardens and yards. While Arizona’s hot and dry climate complicates gardening, lavender plants thrive. Take a look at this article by Arizona Foothills Magazine to learn more about proper lavender care in Arizona. 

But how does lavender help prevent scorpions? According to Arizona’s Summer Wind Nursery, scorpions dislike lavender’s strong and flowery scent. We may appreciate a good whiff of the woody flower, but scorpions shy away from the plant. 

Plant lavender to deter scorpions from your garden or the rocks around your home. While Arizona bark scorpions enjoy bedding down in the foliage, they may think twice before making a home in your lavender-filled garden! 

Scorpions hate fruity smells, so you could also plant citrus plants that repel scorpions. In Arizona, orange and lemon trees grow well in the hot sun, so you can try this method to turn scorpions away.

Plus, who wouldn’t want a fruity treat easily accessible? Just be sure to water your growing tree and frequently trim its branches. While some citrus scents may discourage these creepy crawlers, Arizona bark scorpions still enjoy bedding near unruly trees. 

Lemongrass may similarly work to repel scorpions that try to live in your garden and yard. This plant keeps mosquitoes away and could even convince scorpions to find another place to rest.

However, not many plants work to keep scorpions away. Unlike other common yard pests, there aren’t many solutions besides commercial pest control methods that accurately prevent scorpions from taking up residence in your home or yard. 

Do Other Smells Help with Scorpions?

Essential oils have their popular day-to-day usage in homes across the country. From their holistic medicinal purposes to their calming capabilities, essential oils are helpful in more ways than one!

Homeowners even utilize these succulent smells to keep pests at bay. Essential oil pest control is an easy DIY fix to minor pest issues like roaches, rodents, and ants. While they may not eliminate infestations, they can still provide a reprieve from the pests infesting your home. 

But, can these smells help prevent scorpions too?

There aren’t many plants that repel scorpions, and not many essential oils work to eliminate the arachnids, either. Lavender’s strong smell may further prevent them from accessing certain spots, but it’s unlikely to stop them in their tracks. 

Even the popular garden plants may not completely deter scorpions from entering your home or populating yards. So, what’s the best way to keep these pests away?

Proven Tricks to Deter Scorpions

If you’re looking for the best way to keep scorpions at bay, we can help! 

Scorpions can easily sneak in through tiny cracks to access your home. Arizona bark scorpions can fit through gaps as slim as a credit card! To better protect your home, search around the exterior foundation for any noticeable damage and contact a home repair company to assess the problem. 

Yard debris and overgrown greenery can encourage scorpions to stay in your yard. Many Arizona scorpions love palm trees, a tropical stable in many homes across the region. Without proper management, scorpions will burrow within the insect-infested foliage!

Protect your home by removing any fallen fronds or tree leaves. Avoid allowing leaves to pile up, as scorpions will hide in these spots to escape the overbearing daytime heat. Rock and wood piles are also premier scorpion spots, so take care before picking up anything in your yard.

Check out our article on landscaping tips for scorpions to learn more!

When you’re looking for results for your scorpion prevention, trust Scorpion Repel to keep you and your home safe! Plants and DIY projects work in a pinch, but Scorpion Repel’s proven formula can keep scorpions out of your home for good. 

Watch our segment on Arizona’s ABC 15 show, Sonoran Living!

For your own peace of mind, contact us today to schedule a Scorpion Repel technician to visit your home, or give us a call for any questions you may have. 

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