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Protect your home from Scorpions

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We use Scorpion Repel

The Leading Method in Scorpion Protection

Scorpion Repel is a scientifically formulated, pesticide free application that creates a strong, glass-like glaze surface on the home’s foundation wall.

Why Scorpion Repel

One Time Application

A one time application process warrantied for one year. Yearly renewals offered.

Only Product Of Its Kind

An innovative solution that achieves results like no other product on the market. There's nothing like it.

Durable And Long Lasting

We guarantee Scorpion Repel to protect your home from scorpions for years to come.


Satisfied Customers

“I was having scorpion issues so I decided to go with Scorpion Repel. I am so glad that I did, Christian our technician came out on time and did a great job! I even saw a scorpion trying to get into my home, but it couldn't due the Scorpion Repel coating on my homes foundation! Thank you.”
Mark Q.
"I usually don't write a review but they went above and beyond for me. They did a great job on my house. It's not noticeable at all... Even with pest control it wasn't fully stopping them. So far I haven't seen any scorpions inside since the treatment. They really stand behind their work as they will come back if there are any issues or concerns and really just want to make sure your scorpion free."
Brandon F.
"Highly recommend! Extremely professional, prompt, very knowledgeable. Great price for the service. I had minor issues with scorpions; however, with 4 dogs in the house, I didn't want to take any more chances. Christian and his team were on time, texted the day before with a reminder. Thank you Scorpion Repel!"