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Landscaping to Prevent Scorpions: Expert Tips

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Surprisingly, how your yard looks may play a role in the number of scorpions that visit your property!

Just like us, scorpions value a safe place to rest and turn toward many of the structures in our yards for shelter. However, no one wants a scorpion bedding down in their rocks or wood piles!

Keep reading to know the best landscaping to prevent scorpions. Want a permanent solution to discourage scorpions from climbing inside your home? Try Scorpion Repel! Contact us today to learn more. 

Maintain a Tidy Yard

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Many of Arizona’s scorpion species flock toward cover during the day. Homeowners frequently find Arizona bark scorpions under rocks, logs, wood piles, or other outdoor structures. If you have debris on your lawn, these venomous pests can hide inside!

Avoid leaving toys or other objects outside for long periods of time. Scorpions could crawl inside or on top of children’s toys, buckets, or boards for shelter. These objects can also trap water, encouraging scorpions and other pests like mosquitoes. 

Trim back any bushes or trees near your home to keep scorpions from edging close to your home’s perimeter. Overgrown foliage is a hotspot for these eight-legged pests, so hire a landscaper to keep things trimmed or do your own DIY yard work.

Mow Your Lawn Regularly

While grass isn’t a common sight in many desert regions, some types can survive the overbearing summer heat! 

Bermuda grass is a popular pick for many Arizona residents who want a bright green lawn. Unlike other grasses, Bermuda grass doesn’t require frequent watering, making it ideal for hot and sunny days. 

While Bermuda grass is perfect for Arizona’s climate, tall grassy areas can create outdoor homes for many regional scorpion species and even encourage these pests to visit and stay on your lawn. 

If you have grass on your property, try to trim it regularly and cut back tall weeds. Because of their small stature, Arizona bark scorpions can remain undetected within lush green foliage and grass. 

Choose Your Trees Wisely

Did you know certain types of trees may attract scorpions? Picking the right trees to plant on your property is often the best landscaping to prevent scorpions.

While palm trees thrive in Arizona’s desert climate and complement the southwestern design of many of the state’s homes, these trees are favorites for Arizona bark scorpions. 

Because of their long draping leaves, Arizona bark scorpions enjoy lounging under the shade near the roots or even resting atop the smooth bark. Palm trees easily retain moisture and are hotspots for other insects, making them a favorite resting area for scorpions. 

As their name suggests, Arizona bark scorpions are commonly found on tree bark, using their light coloration to blend in with many of the lighter-colored foliage in Arizona. These pests can easily climb many surfaces, so don’t be surprised if you find a scorpion kicking back on a tree! 

With proper care, you can maintain the palm tree’s tropical vibes and keep scorpions at bay! As the temperatures rise in the summer months, consider trimming long palm tree fronds. Not only will you maintain the tree’s integrity, but scorpions will be less likely to stop by. 

Removing decaying leaves also prevents insects from accumulating near the tree’s crown. As the large fronds droop down toward the ground, they will start to die and encourage creepy crawlers to hide within.

Utilize Rock Landscaping to Prevent Scorpions

In Arizona, greenery is hard to come by! The sweltering heat complicates gardens, luscious lawns, and many tree species. However, a rock-based backyard or garden area is the perfect compromise for many Arizona homeowners. 

While this requires less upkeep than a green lawn, you’ll still need to invest in proper ‘rockscaping’ to keep the scorpions away! Many scorpion species prefer to nestle underneath or around rocks for shelter. 

Arizona bark scorpions flock toward rocks and hide in between close gaps and crevices created by tightly grouped rocks. Because of their light color, they can blend in with many shades of rocks, making it impossible to spot one! 

Consider placing larger rocks away from your home and other areas in your yard that you frequent. If the scorpions hide in any spaces near your house’s exterior, they may sneak indoors through small insignificant cracks. 

If you want to keep rocks around your home, avoid loosely placed stones that scorpions can easily crawl into and under. 

Frequently Check Wood Piles

Bonfires are fun wintertime activities during Arizona’s chilly evenings, but don’t let Arizona bark scorpions hide out in your firewood!

Like trees and rocks, scorpions enjoy using wood piles as shelter and will regularly burrow through your firewood to escape the elements. You’ll be in for quite the surprise during your next bonfire! 

Avoid leaving wood piles on your lawn for extended periods. If you frequently have bonfires, consider storing your wood in a garage or tamper-proof container. Scorpions can sneak through tiny openings, so pick something with a tight lid!

Other Landscaping to Prevent Scorpions

Here are some other tips that can help keep scorpions away from your home and yard!

  • Remove weeds
  • Rake dead leaves and grass
  • Reduce areas of moisture 
  • Empty water-filled containers
  • Use a pest control service to eliminate scorpion food sources

Are you still looking for the perfect landscaping solution to prevent scorpions in your yard? Scorpion Repel can lend a hand! 

Unlike other pest control options, Scorpion Repel doesn’t eliminate the scorpions on your property. Instead, we protect your home from invading pests with our patterned deterrence product! 

Scorpion Repel creates a barrier between your home and the elements. With its sleek, glass-like surface, scorpions can’t climb up your home’s exterior or walls. 

Plus, Scorpion Repel doesn’t require frequent maintenance. After one treatment, our product protects you against dangerous scorpions for years, giving you the peace of mind that other pest control products can’t guarantee!

Want to learn more? Contact us today to receive a free consultation or learn more about our product!

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