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Frequently Asked Questions

Instead of offering a flat rate on our service, we price our product per linear foot. We measure your exterior foundation to apply our physical barrier, and your home’s total linear footage determines the final price of the service.
Linear footage is simply a 12-inch measurement in a straight line. We rely on linear footage to reach your foundation’s nooks and crannies. For pest control or home improvement treatments, linear footage is typically required instead of two or three-dimensional measurements.
Scorpion Repel can last many years without reapplication, but we offer yearly warranties for touch-ups or application renewals. While we guarantee Scorpion Repel will protect your home, extreme heat or weather may slightly impact the formula over time.
Yes! Our product is pesticide-free and won’t stain or damage your home. We can safely apply Scorpion Repel to any surface on your property.
Proudly located in Gilbert, AZ, we service customers throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. Are you located outside of the Valley? We can travel to you! Contact us here to speak to our sales representatives about out-of-area services.
Scorpion Repel isn’t your typical pest control agency. Unlike other scorpion pest control methods, our product provides unparalleled protection against scorpions. Instead of focusing on elimination tactics, our application is a barrier that physically prevents scorpions from entering your home. If you’re looking for top-notch protection against scorpions and other household invaders, consider incorporating Scorpion Repel into your regular pest management strategies. You’ll maintain the safety of your home by eliminating a scorpion’s primary food source and keeping your abode scorpion-free.
Scorpion Repel operates just as well without any supplemental products but can enhance your existing pest control treatment plan and decrease the number of pests trying to crawl indoors. While Scorpion Repel doesn’t require third-party applications to remain effective against scorpions, we suggest integrating other pest control alternatives to keep your home completely pest-free. If you’re interested in expanding your pest control defense, consider contacting our Arizona pest control partner, proof. Pest Control!