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About Scorpion Repel

About Scorpion Repel

We use our patented barrier to keep scorpions and other insects out of your home.

Our Story:

After getting out of the pool one hot summer day, a 3-year-old son was stung by the most venomous scorpion in North America, the Arizona bark scorpion. He was taken to the ER for life-saving anti-venom treatment. After spending quite some time in the hospital, the boy recovered and was back to his normal play. However, the constant fear of being stung again was always present in both the little boy and his father.

That’s why attorney Tony Gonzalez of Gilbert, Arizona, founded Scorpion Repel in 2013. Not only did he want to prevent himself and his family from going through another experience as they did, but he wanted to prevent others from going through it too. Gathering a team of scientists, they quickly formulated a product that would physically eliminate a scorpion from trespassing into a home.Arizona bark scorpion resting on dirt covered ground

The product, while going through the US Patent Department, has been used on homes across the Phoenix Valley keeping residents and families safe from the harm of our venomous desert neighbors, scorpions. The effectiveness of Scorpion Repel is unmatched. No other product, pesticide, or treatment can protect Arizonans as well as Scorpion Repel can. Universities all across the country have performed studies and experiments on Scorpion Repel to determine it’s effectiveness not only against scorpions but other insects and pests too.

Our mission is to keep you, your family, and your loved ones safe in the comfort of your home, by eliminating scorpions’ ability to come into your home

Our Patented Product:

Scorpion Repel is a patented pesticide-free physical barrier that dries smooth and glass-like. The product is clear and does not change the color of your home, some may only notice a slight shine. 

Scorpion Repel does not contain pesticides or harmful chemicals, making the product completely safe for all.


Why Scorpion Repel:

Scorpion Repel guarantees our service and product. If the barrier is ever compromised or elements diminish the seal, with our warranty, we will correct it with no questions asked. 

Our mission is to protect you, your family, and loved ones from harmful scorpions. We take this mission seriously and provide the best service and customer satisfaction.

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How Scorpion Repel Works:

When Scorpion Repel is applied to the stem wall or base of the home, it creates a physical barrier that scorpions can not climb. The barrier is slick preventing a scorpion’s legs from getting traction to climb.

Because a scorpion can not dig or fly, this guarantees the scorpion can not crawl into your home.

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