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Stay Safe from Scorpions! Our Top Tips!

Scorpion glowing under a blue light

While scorpions are generally not aggressive toward humans, these venomous critters can cause problems whenever they sneak indoors. 

Learning how to stay safe against scorpions is essential because of the substantial scorpion population in Arizona. You never know when you may come face to face with one of these creepy pests!

Look at our blog to learn how to protect yourself against scorpions inside and outside your home!

How to Protect Yourself From Scorpions

It is essential to take some preventative measures to stay safe from scorpions whenever they wander indoors. 

But why do I have scorpions inside in the first place?

While Arizona isn’t known for frigid winters, the declining temperatures still send scorpions and insects searching for shelter and warmth. Arizona bark scorpions typically invade homes, huddling close in groups until the seasons change. 

Food availability may also play a role in a scorpion’s presence indoors. Arachnids and insects alike will follow wherever the food leads, even if it means infesting your home to find their next bite to eat. 

Sealing cracks in your home’s foundation and filling in gaps in windows and doors can help prevent scorpions and other pests from entering. Caulk or plaster can quickly remedy small crevices, while more considerable damages may require professional assistance.

Weather stripping and door sweeps will eliminate gaps that scorpions may crawl through. These products are easy to apply and are readily available at hardware stores and online retailers. 

To stay safe from scorpions and eliminate accidental interactions, regularly tidy your home to keep it free of clutter. Scorpions may hide in dark or moist areas, so remove any potential hiding spots by keeping clothing, shoes, and boxes off the floor.

Frequently check under and around furniture, closets, or other dark areas in your home too. 

A well-maintained yard can similarly lend a hand and protect you from a scorpion surprise. Cut back any tall grass, bushes, or trees close to your home, as these can provide a pathway for scorpions to enter your home.

However, you’ll need proven products to get the job done to prevent scorpions from entering your home completely. Scorpion Repel’s slick epoxy application can remove the threat of scorpions indoors. 

No matter how hard these pests attempt to climb up into your home, our long-lasting application will keep them grounded and away from your family. Contact us today to keep your home safe from scorpions!

Stay Safe From Scorpions on Hikes

While scorpions are common indoors, you’re more likely to find them roaming around their common habitats. Scorpion Repel can protect your home from scorpions, but following precautionary measures in areas with high scorpion populations is still important. 

Hiking is a common pastime for many in the Valley, with Arizona having many trails and recreational areas to enjoy. Whenever you’re in a space where you may interact with scorpions, consider following these tips to stay safe. 

Wear protective clothing: Wear long pants and closed-toe shoes to cover as much of your skin as possible. Your apparel can protect you from scorpion stings and defend you against rough terrain and elements. 

Use a flashlight when out at night: We don’t recommend nighttime excursions alone, but if you venture into scorpion territory in the evening, bring a blacklight flashlight. Scorpions are most active at night and are easier to spot under the purple-blue glow

Watch where you step: You never know what may be under your feet! Look for scorpions and avoid stepping or putting your hands near them.

Be careful when reaching into crevices: Scorpions often hide in crevices, so be careful when reaching into cracks or gaps. Avoid placing your hands anywhere that may have hidden critters or where you don’t have a clear visual of the inside. Most scorpion stings occur because of accidental interactions, like mishandling. 

Know first-aid measures: If you get stung by a scorpion, seek immediate medical attention. Knowing basic first-aid measures can be helpful in case of an emergency. For more information about scorpion stings and the care measures you should take, check out our blog here!

If you see a scorpion while hiking, keep a safe distance. Do not approach the scorpion or attempt to touch it. Scorpions may react negatively when threatened and try to sting you if they feel cornered. 

We recommend that you avoid disturbing it, no matter how much you want to get a closer look. Unless you know the particulars of each Arizona scorpion species, you could accidentally provoke a venomous pest. 

Move away slowly and calmly, and be aware of your surroundings as you pass. While scorpions aren’t like striking snakes, it’s always a good idea to take it slow when interacting with arachnids in the wild. 

You can take these measures to stay safe from scorpions, but it’s also essential to seek medical attention if necessary. Don’t hesitate to visit a doctor if stung by a scorpion, especially if you experience symptoms such as severe pain, swelling, difficulty breathing, or if the sting is near your face.

Remember, most scorpions are not dangerous to humans, but it is always best to err on the side of caution and avoid disturbing them. 

Understanding how to interact with scorpions will protect you during chance encounters and reduce the possibility of negative interactions. However, if you want to truly eliminate the threat of scorpions in your home, trust Scorpion Repel to get the job done!

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you stay safe. 

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