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Scorpion Prevention Tips for Your Yard

Scorpion in a yard

There are over 40 species of scorpions living in Arizona. Most of these pests prefer to hunker underground, inside rock beds, or in foliage, but scorpions are familiar and unwanted houseguests for many Arizona residents. 

Scorpion Repel is the best preventative option to ward these eight-legged arachnids away from your home, but what should you do when scorpions take up residence in your yard? Try our scorpion prevention tips to help keep these pests off your property!

Why Scorpion Prevention Matters

The most dangerous scorpion in Arizona is the Arizona bark scorpion, whose sting can cause severe medical complications. Plus, the state is home to countless other species that may invade your home from your backyard. 

Scorpions prefer shaded, humid areas with vegetation, hiding spots, and infrequent traffic. While our backyards are often filled with family and friends, scorpions still inhabit rock gardens, other structures we have outside, or loose, sandy soil.

Keep Your Yard Tidy

Maintaining a clutter-free yard makes it difficult for scorpions to thrive. Check your property frequently and keep flower pots, outdoor toys, and other items picked up and stored during the hot summer months. 

Scorpions will live in piles of leaves and other debris, as these spots provide them plenty of space to burrow down during the day. Frequent backyard cleaning can also help monitor for scorpions and other pests, allowing you to catch their populations before they become a bigger problem.

Contact a Local Pest Control Agency

It’s also an excellent idea to contact a local pest control agency for help with scorpion prevention. Many standard pest control methods don’t work well for scorpions, but the professionals at pest control companies can eliminate the pests they consume. 

These technicians are trained to find insects and other pests scorpions may eat and know how best to eradicate them both in and out of your home, with traps, insecticides, or baits typically unavailable to consumers. 

Scorpion Repel enhances all pest control treatments and has also partnered with proof. Pest Control to provide you with proven scorpion prevention and winning pest control applications. Our patented product will prevent scorpions from crawling indoors, while proof. can keep your yard free of other pests. 

proof. also treats over thirty different types of pests! Scorpions regularly consume many common pests like ants, crickets, and centipedes, all insects that proof. can quickly eliminate.

Trim Palm Trees

Many Arizona scorpions will reside under a palm tree’s loose bark or near the base of a shady tree. Trimming palm trees can help discourage scorpions from resting under the long, spacious shade. 

Removing old or rotting tree bark will remove these hiding spots, as scorpions tend to flock to these spaces for shelter and moisture. Other pests may sneak into these cracks too, encouraging scorpions to stick around for a bite to eat. 

Check out this guide on safely trimming your palm tree to preserve the tree’s health and discourage insect infestations. 

Curious about cleaning up the tree bark? Consider contacting a local tree pruning company for guidance!

Avoid Placing Rocks and Other Decorative Items Close Together

While we love a vibrant and richly decorated yard, these areas may become hotspots for scorpions. These pests are notorious for climbing into decorative items like rocks, pots, gardening tools, and toys. 

To avoid scorpions cozying up to your ornamental items, keep them spaced far apart. If you have a large rock garden or stone wall, there’s no harm in moving items a few feet away from each other. Similarly, avoid placing items too close together in flowerbeds and gardens. 

Scorpion Repel’s physical barrier will prevent scorpions from climbing into your home. However, scorpions can still climb up structures close to your home and then crawl indoors via vents, windows, or cracks. 

We suggest moving decorations or items six inches away from your walls and windows for the most accurate scorpion prevention methods. 

Rely on Scorpion Repel Too!

Scorpions are dangerous, especially to young children. It’s best to keep them out of your yard to prevent accidental interactions. Keeping your yard tidy, inspecting it regularly, and using preventative measures will go a long way toward keeping your family safe from scorpions.

We suggest combining many of these tips alongside regular pest control treatments to lessen the chance of scorpion sightings in your yard. They may not altogether remove the threats of scorpions, but they can help reduce their populations. 

Because scorpions live in the soil, keeping them out is challenging. However, Scorpion Repel can lend a hand! Our proven product will ensure scorpions can’t enter your home from the outside. 

Our trained technicians will apply our thick, epoxy-like product to the base of your home. The slick surface physically prevents scorpions from crawling up walls and inside doorways, windows, and vents. 

For help against scorpions, contact us today! Plus, don’t forget about our pest control partners, who can also lend a hand with all of your pest control needs. 

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