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How to Prevent Scorpions from Infesting!

Scorpion Repel applied to the exterior of a home to prevent scorpions.

Arizona is home to a host of scorpion species, and some are more dangerous than others! While they’re a familiar sight for many of the state’s residents, no homeowner wants an unwelcome insect lounging in their home!

Once indoors, many pests are difficult to remove, and scorpions are no exception. Hiding away in small corners, you may not notice a scorpion until you’re both face to face!

Check out our article, where we’ll teach you how to prevent scorpions and keep your family safe!

How to Prevent Scorpions in Your Home and Yard

Scorpions are difficult and often dangerous pests to have in your home. All scorpions are venomous, but only a handful across the globe are medically significant. The Arizona bark scorpion is the most dangerous species in Arizona and throughout the United States. 

For Arizona residents, an Arizona bark scorpion bite is no joke. Symptoms can range from mild discomfort to complete limb paralysis! Thanks to advancements in medicine, Arizona bark scorpion stings aren’t typically fatal, but they can still leave you feeling incredibly sick.

To protect your family and home, focus on reliable prevention measures to help curtail a problem before it begins!

Tip #1: Repair Exterior Cracks

Scorpions prefer the heat, so you won’t see any active pests roaming around during the latter portion of the year. However, as the temperatures decrease in the fall and winter, scorpions begin heading inside to escape the cooler weather.

Substantial damages to the outside of your home can provide scorpions and other pests easy access, but many can creep indoors through small, insignificant spaces. The Arizona bark scorpion’s slight size allows it to squeeze into cracks the width of a credit card! 

Preventing scorpions is as easy as sealing up cracks with caulk or plaster. Considerable damage may require additional building materials, but you can quickly repair most surface damages with epoxy or other substances. 

Check out this helpful guide to learn more about foundational repairs to your home!

Tip #2: Seal Ill-Fitting Door and Window Gaps

Have trouble shutting your doors or windows? These issues can cause more problems than the occasional annoyance! 

As your home settles or expands in Arizona’s hot heat, your windows and doors may start operating differently. Scorpions can easily crawl through minuscule gaps created by a poorly-fitting window sill or door. 

You can slide a draft stopper undeath your doors or windows for a quick fix. This small plastic or foam device creates a barrier between your home and the outside, effectively keeping the elements and other pests out. 

Caulk or weather stripping can fix small window gaps, but larger spaces may require extensive home repairs. These options work similarly for doorways, but substantial gaps could require the installation of a door threshold to close open spaces properly. 

Watch this video for more information on installing a door threshold or door sweep. 

Tip #3: Keep your Yard Clear

Want to know how to prevent scorpions around your front and back yards? Eliminate their hiding spots!

Many scorpion species enjoy burrowing into large debris piles to find shelter during the day or night. Arizona bark scorpions seek out cool areas to shade themselves from the overbearing daytime heat and will hide in different crevices around your yard. 

Debris piles consisting of tree limbs, bark, logs, or rocks are prime habitats for these venomous creatures. If they have a sufficient spot to take up shop, Arizona bark scorpions could keep returning to your yard and even sneak inside your home!

Remove large brush piles, sticks, limbs, and logs from your yard to avoid encouraging scorpions. If you have decorative garden rocks, try to place them away from your home or evenly spread them around your home’s foundation to make it harder for these pests to hide.

Tip #4: Eliminate their Food Sources

Besides warmth and shelter, scorpions will infest your home or yard if they find ample food.

Some scorpion species’ diets may differ, but most feast on a variety of insects or other arachnids. Bulkier scorpions could even prey on other smaller species to acquire their nutritional fix! 

If your yard is a hotspot for insects, consider utilizing a pest control agency to cut back on the number of pests around your home, or invest in other DIY pest control methods to eliminate your bug problem. 

While these methods can’t remove the scorpions in your home or yard, they can cut back on the number of insects attracting them to your property. It could even help decrease spiders and other nuisance insects, too!

Tip #5: Turn to a Trusted Pest Control Agency!

Scorpion pest control is challenging to handle alone. Beyond reducing the number of attractants in your yard and repairing entry points, there aren’t many options to keep these pests at bay!

If you’re still curious about how to prevent scorpions from coming into your home, you should know the best preventative measure is Scorpion Repel! 

Scorpion Repel’s patterned product can create a barrier around your home that prevents scorpions from entering or scaling your walls. Our treatments will lock scorpions out of your home for good!

The long-lasting formula will protect you from scorpions– rain or shine. When the winter chill settles over Arizona, these pests will start scurrying into warm homes for shelter. Houses treated with Scorpion Repel won’t have to worry about an overwintering guest overstaying their welcome.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and prevent scorpions!

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