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Does Pest Control Work for Scorpions?

Technician applying Scorpion Repel to the exterior of a home.

Homeowners across the country utilize pest control services for many nuisance pests. From stinging insects to annoying rodents, pest control keeps the peace in your home!

However, for many residents in the southwest, scorpions are difficult to beat, especially in Arizona. Does pest control work for scorpions, or will you have to turn to alternative measures?

Keep reading to find out what scorpion removal options work best for your home!

Why are Scorpions Pests?

So, why are scorpions considered pests in Arizona and other southwestern states? Scorpions won’t cause home and yard damage like other insects, but these arachnids still pose a threat to homeowners. 

According to Oregan State University’s National Pesticide Information Center, pests are any creature that causes damage or harm, transmits diseases or pathogens, or is just a general nuisance to humans and other animals. 

Besides their creepy appearance, scorpions are also dangerous creatures. Most species can’t cause deadly reactions, but scorpion venom will make humans and pets alike very ill. The Arizona bark scorpion can even cause severe side effects without proper medical intervention. 

Young children are more susceptible to severe reactions from scorpion stings, making these pests a dangerous addition to any home or yard. Scorpions are also concerns for elderly individuals or others with compromised immune systems. 

Their presence indoors also classifies them as unwanted pests! Like most invading pests, scorpions will sneak indoors during lower winter temperatures to hibernate, exiting their hiding spots during the summer and frightening homeowners.

Whenever you have scorpions indoors, you’ll want to turn to pest control methods to keep these annoyances at bay. However, is pest control an effective option to eliminate scorpions?

Does Pest Control Work for Scorpions?

Most pest control methods involve a series of baits, aerosol treatments, or pesticides designed to eliminate pesky creatures in your home or yard. These options may not make a dent in an established scorpion infestation.

Some commercially available pest control methods eliminate scorpions, but most must be directly applied to the pests to incapacitate them. While this works for the scorpions you see, it won’t prevent scorpions from coming indoors. 

Plus, who wants to get up close and personal with one of these pests?

Over-the-counter options could protect against scorpions, but Scorpion Repel enhances and guarantees protection. If you decide to use pesticides in conjunction with Scorpion Repel, thoroughly read the label and follow all of the instructions.

If you’re only interested in catching the pests as they wander around your home, you can always place sticky sheets or glue mouse traps in your home. The traps will ensnare the scorpions as they skitter over the sticky substance. 

Some pest control options can work against scorpions, but it’s often better to trust a professional, like the technicians at Scorpion Repel, for any of your scorpion pest control needs! 

Can I use DIY Pest Control Methods?

While some DIY pest control methods may work for other assorted Arizona pests, we don’t recommend homemade scorpion treatments when you’re struggling with a pest infestation. 

If you’re unafraid of getting close to these pests, you can manually remove them from your home, but this isn’t a viable treatment option and risks reintroduction. Scorpions can crawl indoors through small cracks, and you may be unaware of a pest creeping back inside. 

Some DIY methods could remove the larger insect population on your property and eliminate food sources for scorpions, but it won’t work to get rid of scorpions completely.

When choosing a scorpion pest control treatment, consider utilizing a professional service to combat these pests. Some DIY options may work for short periods but allow the arachnids to flourish after their effectiveness diminishes. 

Other methods won’t perform well at all, leaving you exposed to dangerous scorpions. Instead of guessing about what works best for your scorpion treatment, consider contacting Scorpion Repel to provide excellent service and treatments against scorpions!

How Does Scorpion Repel’s Pest Control Work for Scorpions?

Scorpion Repel is the leader in scorpion-based pest control technology. Our product is proven to keep scorpions from entering your home, providing quality protection for you and your family!

Our product creates a slick, glass-like barrier around the exterior of your home. Whenever scorpions try to ascend the shiny surface, Scorpion Repel prevents them from climbing or crawling over the threshold of your home. 

Take a look at the video below to see our product at work! Watch how the scorpions attempt to crawl up the side of the brick but cannot lift themselves. Now, just imagine how this will work along the foundation of your home!

Unlike other products that wear off after a few weeks, Scorpion Repel can keep you protected for many years to come! We even offer yearly treatments to retouch areas potentially damaged by severe heat or weather. 

When you’re wondering, “Does pest control work for scorpions?” look no further than Scorpion Repel! We are proof that pest control works well for scorpion control and prevention. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a treatment with one of our trusted technicians. 

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