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Best Scorpion Pest Control Options For You!

Scorpion eating a centipede

In Arizona, scorpions can be a significant problem because of their painful sting. While the Arizona bark scorpion is the only dangerous species in the United States, any of the state’s scorpions can cause issues. 

What are the best scorpion pest control options to keep these pests away from your home? There are many alternatives, but some may work better than others to maintain your family’s safety. 

Check out our list of scorpion pest control alternatives!

Elimination Methods

Unfortunately, it may be challenging to remove scorpions through traditional methods. While you can quickly get rid of ants or cockroaches with baits and sprays, these may not work well for eight-legged pests. 

In fact, many of the same products you use for spiders won’t perform as well for scorpion problems despite the two being arachnids. 

Many advertised scorpion pesticide options can eliminate the scorpions in your home only if they directly interact with the applied product. Because they only work on contact, scorpions can thrive in your home without interacting with your product. 

Pesticides are alright to employ in your home when used correctly, but always follow the instructions on the spray bottle. While scorpions are scary houseguests, keeping you and your family safe is more important! 

Scorpion elimination methods may work, but remember that they may not work as well as they would for other insects or pests. Besides, scorpions tend to avoid baited traps without live pests. 

Some DIY options aren’t safe, either. Only rely on proven methods, preferably from a pest control professional!

Pest Exclusion Efforts

Scorpions may enter your home because of existing pest problems. If you have ants, spiders, earwigs, silverfish, or other small insects, scorpions will crawl indoors for a bite to eat!

Removing these insects from your property is one of the best scorpion pest control options in addition to targeted scorpion control. Eliminating a scorpion’s food source reduces the likelihood of an infestation. 

To decrease insect issues, you can try store-bought pest control methods like sprays, baits, or powders. Because different pests bring their own problems to the table, it’s worth focusing your attention on getting rid of the pests you can!

Before using any at-home pesticide option, pay special attention to the labeled instructions. Many shouldn’t be mixed or applied to certain surfaces. 

Using more than the recommended pesticide treatment doesn’t guarantee better results either. Applying more products may appear to make the application stronger, but it’s actually one of the most common causes of at-home pesticide abuse and may make you ill. 

Stay cautious when trying anything on your own!

Pest control agencies can eliminate the problems at hand, taking the stress out of pest elimination! If you’re looking for a trusted pest expert in the Phoenix area, check out our partner proof.! They treat over 30 different pests, including the ones scorpions eat!

Besides targeting the pests, you can also eliminate their access to your food. While scorpions enter our homes searching for bugs, insects invade our stocked pantries!

Ants, cockroaches, pantry pests, and silverfish plunder through our cabinets to meet their nutritional needs. Grain products like bread, pasta, and rice are popular among the insect crowd. Sweet treats like candy and cookies also bring insects out in droves. 

Try following these great tips to prevent insects from eating you out of your house and home!

  • Toss Out Old Food: These pests are here for a reason! If you have uncovered or discarded food in your kitchen, insects flock to these spaces and draw scorpions near. Remember to throw leftovers away and frequently take out your trash.
  • Keep a Clean Kitchen: Tiny insects like ants and cockroaches can sniff out the smallest crumbs on your floors or cabinets. To prevent insects from invading, sweep your floors regularly and always wipe down your counters after cooking a meal. Use a citrus-scented cleanser for extra measure too! 
  • Dry Damp Spaces: Hey, bugs have to meet their daily water intake too! Clear any standing water inside or outside your home, including in sinks, bathtubs, showers, basements, and garages. If you have leaky pipes, consider contacting a plumber for more help!
  • Store Food in Tamper-proof Containers: Bugs are crafty and can eat through most packaging if it isn’t strong enough. Plus, many can sneak through small gaps in boxes or paper. Invest in rigid plastic or glass containers with tight closing lids to reduce the insects crawling through your groceries. 

These options won’t eliminate scorpions, but they may help keep them from invading your home!

Repair Exterior and Interior Home Damages

Here is another of the best scorpion pest control options to keep bugs away and lower your electricity bill!

Scorpions may enter your home through small cracks in your home’s foundation or gaps near pipes and vents. Additionally, a scorpion could scale your home to come inside if you have open spaces under doors and windows.  

DIY home repair isn’t easy, so it’s always a good idea to contact a professional repair company for a second opinion, even if the cracks seem minor. Stucco, plaster, and caulk can work in a pinch, but don’t try any significant repairs on your own. 

You can quickly remedy door and window gaps with window insulation strips, weather stripping, or door draft stoppers to keep the chill and scorpions from sneaking in!

What Are the Best Scorpion Pest Control Options For You?

Ideally, relying on general pest control services, home repair, and other scorpion prevention methods is your best bet for keeping scorpions away. 

For proven scorpion protection, Scorpion Repel is the method to trust! Our patented product can physically keep scorpions out of your home– no matter how hard they try to climb indoors!

Our trained technicians will visit your home and apply our slick epoxy coating to your exterior foundation. As scorpions try to scale your home, Scorpion Repeal will keep them grounded and out of your hair. 

Contact us today!

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